The total is more
big than the sum of
its parts.

JRImmo offers a comprehensive all-in package covering property analysis, letting and tenant support up to sale.

JRImmo is Jutta Reimer, Real Estate Manager. Together with her network of experts she works to make your real estate a success.

Every specialist service forms a key part in the positive development of the project. With experience and sensitivity JRImmo ensures sustainable future strategies in your interests.


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Real estate management is like a symphony orchestra. It takes a wealth of expertise and a very fine hand to harmonise and conduct the numerous internal and external experts and ultimately ensure their perfect interaction for your profitability and perspectives. JRImmo combines both qualities by leveraging years of experience in managerial positions at property developers, in project control, in letting and tenant support, in financing and sales management. The expertise covers both major commercial properties in the office and retail sectors and also residential buildings and luxury apartments.


All services
out of a single source.

JRImmo offers you comprehensive and holistic real estate management. This includes research, property and market analysis and also producing letting and marketing concepts. Acquisition and contract negotiations with tenants are as much part of the service offering as is long-term tenant support. When it comes to construction management, JRImmo handles the coordination of architects and construction companies, internal and external partners. In close liaison with you, we produce a customised action plan tailored to your needs.



Knowledge is the success.

Painstaking analysis and robust status-quo assessment form the indispensable basis for our approach at JRImmo. This includes the accurate recording of all a property’s space, thorough review of contracts and transparency of costs and earnings. On this foundation, coupled with an exact evaluation of all the data, we produce a detailed profile of all the opportunities, risks, strengths and weaknesses of your real estate. This will uncover new and promising courses of action. The mission is clear: Before you can act in line with the owner's interests, you have to know the property like your own four walls.


Not just closer - well ahead of the competition.

A strong brand and the right way of addressing the target group can be dealmakers. What goes for major corporations can also be tailored to your property. This assumes, of course, full familiarity with the target group. JRImmo knows the market inside out - especially in Berlin, Hamburg and also northern and eastern Germany. The particularities of the location, a sense for good prices and a fine instinct for the latest trends are hallmarks of our work. On the basis of this know-how, we develop unique positioning and concepts. Concepts, embodied in targeted measures, boost familiarity, improve external image and attract new tenants or buyers.


VLeading edge through better understanding.

Service for JRImmo, means establishing long-term, sustainable and successful relationships and continuously boosting tenant satisfaction. We apply a highly facetted action matrix for this: Optimisation of the information flow; Creating trust through advising in a spirit of partnership; Implementing the tenants’ wishes and needs. This strategy pays dividends for you in the long term and you will profit from a positive image, a good reputation and valuable recommendations.


Strategy is more than a good measure.

JRImmo advises you in all important strategic questions - so that your ideas can become a concrete and robust plan. For example, JRImmo uses detailed property analyses to identify potential values and costs and then develops a specific action package. Our range of services also extends to location concepts for companies including assessment of the local demographics, competition and reachability. JRImmo draws up clear usage concepts with due consideration of possible financial effects. In location decisions, we support you with clear exploitation strategies - hold or dispose.


Teamwork inclusive.

JRImmo offers you comprehensive asset management. Where appropriate, JRImmo will restructure your assets after a thorough analysis. Particularly close and trusting cooperation with your Property Management team is of course part of the package. Teamwork with recognised experts is here too the key to a healthy balance sheet.


we will go

JRImmo's service-oriented offerings would not be possible without its widely spread network of competent partners. When selecting those competence partners, JRImmo attaches great importance to ensuring a high degree of quality and reliability and to deploying specialists handpicked for your needs. Here too: The total is more big than the sum of its parts


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Jutta Reimer
Immobilienmanagement e. K.
Trendelenburgstraße 16
D-14057 Berlin



Jutta Reimer Immobilienmanagement e.K.
Trendelenburgstr. 16
D - 14057 Berlin

Telefon: +49 30 43 60 45 50/51
Telefax: +49 30 43 60 45 52
Mobil: +49 172 382 96 45

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